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Want your own blog? – Thunder Bay Blogs

Want your own blog?

Are you a blogger in the Thunder Bay Ontario area looking for a home for your blog?

Step 1:

Start by posting here on our community blog. Make sure you enter the ‘Author Name’ and ‘Author Email’ (they won’t be published) so the site admin/moderator knows who the articles belong to. If you want who the articles belong to published, just add it the the bottom of the body text (pen names are OK with us). Once you start getting a following, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2:

Request your own blog on our site by contacting the site admin/moderator. Having your own blog on our site is like having your own website! You can create your own pages and of course one of them will contain your new blog posts. Some things we will need to know is the blog long & short title, user name and email address for us to create the blog. (long title = blog full name, short title = a name that can be used in a URL/web address)

Step 3:

Once the site admin/moderator accepts your request, you will be given instructions on how to access your new blog site. Log into your new site and make it ready for visitors. When ready, post to the community blog inviting your followers to your new blog site.

We recommend that if you are intending on having your own blog site here, you log into our site before you post an article and post your articles NOT using the quick post. This will familiarize you with how the site will work when you have your own blog site. Also using your logged in account will give you way more tools and features of this site (like editing your own posts).

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