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Welcome – Thunder Bay Blogs


Welcome to the Thunder Bay Blogs where people in (or visiting) the Thunder Bay area can read the stories of or post their own story.

Posting your own story is easy either you can use the quick post form or login and use the dashboard.

Quick Post

Just as the name implies, you can go directly to it, create and submit your post. If you don’t login first the post will be authored anonymously by guest. If you are logged in the post will be authored by you and you will be able to edit it via the dashboard.


The dashboard can only be accessed if you are logged in. Here you can create/edit/manage your posts, media and profile. More tools and features available.

Logged In

The best way is to use the Social Connect icons in the login area. Choosing Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will automatically create your account (if your first time) and log you in. If you don’t have one of the social accounts listed here, you can manually register as well (just username, email and password required).

Note: By default all posts are subject to approval before being published, however you can contact us and request ‘author’ access (allows publishing your content yourself). Warning: Spam content from logged in users will be removed and posting will be disabled on the offending account.

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